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5 Ways To Get A Tantric Massage London For Free

We have already talked about it: exchange of business cards with friends from other professions. Cooperation with cosmetologists, specialists in the spa industry, beauty masters (nail service, eyelash extension services, epilation, etc.) is especially useful. Business cards left in places with high traffic: shops, cafes work very well. Just leave your business card at a friend’s place of work, and place his business card in your office.

Social media barter. There are many novice Tantric massage London masters, store accounts and other business areas on the network who also need advertising. Contact them with a question of mutual cooperation: you will tell about them in your account, and they will talk about you in theirs.

Active comments. Find similar topics with a large number of subscribers and comment on their posts: people will pay attention to them. It is important that the account is from your city if you only provide offline services.

Hashtags. The networks use hashtags – the most popular search words. Hashtags are written together and through #, they are placed in the text of the post.

Geo-tags. For each post, put a tag according to one of the criteria: the most popular place in your city or specifically the area in which you provide massage services.

Ways to Inexpensively Advertise Massage to Potential Clients Tantric Massage London

Targeted advertising on social media. Take an interesting photo / picture and write a selling text. See how successful competitors do it and take their ad as a basis. Try massage advertisements on different sites to determine which one is most effective.

Agree on advertising with business centers: office workers are a “storehouse” of clients for back massage and SHVZ. You can advertise in the lobby or talk to the management of the center of a specific office massage company.

Conducting draws on your page in the social network. For example, “subscribe, include a friend’s account in the comment under this post and get a chance to win a free service.” The winner will be selected in special programs. The price of such a promotion is your services in carrying out the procedure. You can combine with other accounts and arrange large-scale sweepstakes. For example, you and two of your friends, who are engaged in flowers and a nail service, can arrange a big drawing, the prizes of which will be several services / goods from the three of you. This format requires more effort, but it will attract more subscribers and potential clients to the massage.

How to provide a massage therapist with a flow of clients? One piece of advice that everyone else doesn’t work without.

Massage is movement. The movement is not so much with the hands, as the constant desire of the masseur to constantly go forward. A good massage therapist never stops learning, constantly increasing the level of knowledge, mastering new techniques and learning the nuances of each technique in order to be able to help even those patients who could not be cured by competitors.

Do you want to have an appointment a month in advance? Do you want to be advised even by those who have never been your client Tantric massage London? Invest in your massage training, attend additional courses, seminars, master classes, trainings, find new acquaintances among professionals and recharge with energy that you can then transfer to patients.

Advertising, connections and money are not the main tools for promoting a master. Knowledge, skills and ongoing training are what distinguishes the massage therapist and attracts clients to him.

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