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All About Massage For Beginners In Tantric Massage London

The modern pace of life has turned the profession of a massage therapist into one of the most demanded. People who sit for 18 hours are exposed to mental and emotional fatigue, are in a state of stress, and need the help of massage therapists. Therefore, Tantric massage London many attend massage lessons in order to help loved ones or get a profitable profession.

Home massage lessons: learning or self-deception?

Distance learning has many advantages, but it is not always advisable to choose the remote form of education.

Is it possible for a beginner to master massage remotely from scratch?

No you can not. You can study the theory on your own or remotely. It is permissible to ask the teacher questions via video link. You must take the practice internally! Only under the personal guidance of a teacher can one learn the correct implementation of techniques and ergonomics.

You can watch 100 times how others are doing massage, but you do not see yourself from the outside, therefore, you are not able to identify your own mistakes and adequately assess the quality of the massage. Also, online courses will not teach you correct ergonomics. They can give advice, but not change the position of your body during the procedure.

Online lessons of masseurs from scratch are ending with dissatisfied clients and dead joints of the masseur himself.

Even if you want to master massage “for yourself”, at least take a full-time course of back massage for beginners.

Video massage lessons for beginners are created as an addition to the face-to-face courses. They help you remember the sequence of techniques and serve as a cheat sheet in the first months of work.

Looking at them at home, after classes, the student can reflect on some points and formulate questions that did not arise in him during the lesson.

Who are the distance massage courses for?

Distance learning courses are designed for experienced massage therapists. With their help, masters can improve their qualifications, learn something new, master simple techniques.

You can also remotely master the techniques of intimate massage for two (for example, sensitive-Tantric). They do not contain techniques for deep tissue impact. They cannot harm health if some mistakes are made. In addition, partners feel much more comfortable and relaxed in complete privacy than in the presence of a teacher.

You can remotely study the theory of massage, the psychology of communication with a client, the etiquette of a massage therapist and other important courses that do not require practical training. What is the work of a massage therapist

In textbooks, massage is a set of techniques for mechanical impact on the human body, which the massage therapist performs with his hands, special massage tools or apparatus. This is what the client sees.

From the point of view of the master, Tantric massage London is a work that gradually takes over, turning into a way of life. A professional’s activity is not limited to the mechanical execution of techniques. It includes a whole range of activities for self-development, continuous learning, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building and promoting a personal brand, working with clients before and after the massage and the procedures themselves.

Self-employed massage therapists should also take care of the procurement of consumables, accounting records, payment of rent or credit for the work space, and also resolve all economic and administrative issues within their office.

Why should a masseur develop?

The masseur works with different clients. Each has its own unique characteristics, problems, defects, preferences, requirements and requests. Moreover, each of these “terms” is changeable. If you believe that you can get the profession of a massage therapist once and work quietly all your life, you will be disappointed. Massage has to be learned all your life. Usually, each master himself feels when and for what knowledge it is time for him to go. Clients’ requests and wishes, as well as popular proposals of colleagues serve as a reference point.

Another reason is that without development, a person degrades. If he does not receive new knowledge and skills, then even a massage perfected to perfection will turn out worse over time. Plus, lack of novelty breeds routine. Neither the client nor his body likes routine, which simply adapts to the same manipulations. As a result, the effect of Tantric massage London decreases from course to course.

It is optimal to attend 2-3 seminars or master classes per year or 1-2 massage courses.

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