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At Your Fingertips. The Art Of Tantric Massage London

Erotic massage should not be confused with the usual stimulation of the genitals and other erogenous zones. Such caresses in the scientific literature are designated by the English word “petting”. It includes kissing, hugging, stroking and other actions aimed at generating arousal in both partners. Petting can be an independent form of erotic activity, for example, Tantric massage London in cases when sexual intercourse is impossible or undesirable for some reason. It is also a prelude to sexual relations, a form of erotic play.

Petting is one of the two components of erotic massage. The second component is classical (healing) massage. A reasonable combination of these two components explains the miraculous effect of erotic massage.

Petting techniques are described in many popular science textbooks, and classical massage is a whole art. They rarely manage to master on their own. Experienced and patient mentors are required. Fortunately, in almost all regions of our country in recent years, massage courses have been opened for everyone. They are visited not only by people who want to get a new specialty, but also by married couples who want to diversify their intimate life.

To master the art of massage, including erotic massage, you need to spend time, effort and material resources. That is why it is perceived as a proof of love.

Need for affection

For both men and women, tactile contact gives a sense of harmony, relaxation and peace of mind. The skin is the largest human organ in area. Receptors located on the skin send signals to the brain about the world around it. In fact, the art of massage is to make these signals pleasant.

When a loved one gives a massage, the emotional impact of this procedure is many times greater than the effect that a professional massage therapist achieves. In the process of massage, a powerful energy exchange takes place between a man and a woman. It allows you not only to tune in to an erotic mood, but also to feel the feeling of complete unity, absolute harmony between the beloved. The language of massage says something that cannot be conveyed in words.

How it works

In erotic massage, every movement has a meaning. For example, swiping movements relieve soft tissue tension. They are best for the back. It is necessary to place both palms flat at the base of the back and slide up, and then brush your hands away from the body and return to the bottom point.

The thighs and buttocks can be “pampered” with kneading movements. They work well on fleshy areas of the body. Kneading movements resemble the process of kneading dough. Therefore, they usually work better for people with pastry and culinary skills.

You also need to learn how to perform chopping, percussion movements along the spine, rubbing movements on the legs, careful but quivering stroking of the neck … In general, a masseuse or masseuse in love has a lot to learn! An important part of erotic massage is also kissing, pinching, blowing … To create a spicy effect, various brushes are used, for example with squirrel fur, ice cubes, candle wax.

Basic massage techniques are applicable to both men and women. It is only important that amateur massage therapists of both sexes understand the anatomical features of a person and do not overdo it in influencing sensitive areas of the body.

To avoid annoying mistakes, it is necessary to start each movement as gently and carefully as possible, and only with the consent of the partner can it be carried out more energetically and assertively. The massage session is designed for a specific time. In order not to lose the feeling of arousal, it is advisable not to interrupt the massage without special need, not to stop.

Overcome complexes

Studies by psychologists and sexologists show that most men and women, including those with an almost ideal figure, are not satisfied with their bodies. We don’t like something about ourselves all the time … Fears, complexes, suspicions, anxiety, lack of confidence in ourselves and in a partner kill love and prevent the development of relationships between people.

Erotic massage helps to get rid of these negative emotions.
“I have always suffered because of my excess weight, I didn’t want to be plump, although many men considered my figure attractive,”Tantric massage London  says veterinarian Anastasia. – My new friend Mstislav suggested not only to go to the gym together, but also undertook to give me an anti-cellulite and relaxing massage after training. Needless to say, the massage sessions immediately took on an erotic connotation. But the most important thing is that thanks to Slavik, I not only lost weight and improved my figure, but also gained self-confidence! It is fortunate that my man in his youth studied at a medical school and acquired the skills of a massage therapist.

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