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Attracting Clients For A Tantric Massage London

Why is one masseur mastering several massage techniques perfectly, but he is forced to look at an almost empty sheet of entry in the diary? And another masseur has mastered one technique and can attract clients for a month in advance? How to use all possible promotion channels? How do you get advice from even those who have never been your client? How to stand out from the competition? In this article, we learned about the most common as well as little-known ways to find new patients. Read the article and prepare a diary – soon there will be no empty space in it!

There are several ways to attract clients to massage, each of which is discussed in the article:

Social networks: a “trick” without which they do not work.

Promotions: Why Don’t Customers Like Big Discounts?

Gift certificates for massage.

Registration in several catalogs of masseurs.

Each master has his own business card! How do I get free ads?

How can a car help a masseur?

How to know the massage business from the inside?

How not to forget about old patients and attract new ones?

5 ways to advertise for free.

Inexpensive advertising methods.

Repeated sales: how to increase revenue without attracting new customers to the service?

How to provide yourself with a flow of patients? One piece of advice that everyone else doesn’t work without.

Repost, follow and like: social media as a way to find new patients

Few people look for massage masters in a browser search query. Social networks are a tool that most people use: here you can read about the massage master, learn a little about his life, see patients and evaluate their results. Write in the status that you offer services, or create a group, a separate advertising profile on the social network. Talk about your expertise, but don’t go overboard with complex terms: reading your texts should be easy and rewarding to attract potential customers. 

Social networks will not promote you if on your page you do not show the “zest” of your particular service: good price, head massage or the 10th massage procedure as a gift, possession of several techniques, author’s technique, training abroad or hundreds of satisfied patients … After all, competitors also have accounts on social networks, and a potential patient sees them when he tries to choose one or another massage therapist. Your task is to tell on the page about your advantages that others do not have.

Three for the price of one: discounts and promotions

Carry out promotions and give discounts to guests. Notify them about this on social networks and fill out information about them in your account. Do not devalue your work and do not make too big discounts if you are a beginner massage therapist: the client is afraid to go to the master with such low prices for services. It may seem strange, but the audience is more willing to agree to procedures at average prices than unreasonably low prices.

Examples of promotions to attract customers:

Repost the recording and get a 10% discount on the procedure.

Bring a friend and get one half price session.

Upload a photo from my office with an account mark and get a 10% discount.

Provide bonuses when purchasing procedures by courses. For example: “if you pay for the full course, face massage as a gift.” Develop popular packages for the client. For example, “face massage + head + face mask”. The complex should be cheaper than going through these procedures separately.

Make a discount to clients depending on the time of day, as the main patients will be making an appointment for the evening. Set a lower price for those who want to come in the afternoon.

Gift certificates for massage

It is easy to make them: make a request “gift certificate template” in the search engines in the “pictures” section. Print out on a printer, write in your name and the name of the procedure, then distribute them to your friends and acquaintances.

The denomination can be different. To begin with, we advise you to indicate the amount of 500 rubles – this applies to those certificates for which you want to give a discount on massage. But it is also possible to make gift certificates intended for purchase. You can talk about them on social networks, arguing the possibility of acquiring the upcoming holidays or the best gift for no reason for family and friends. Be sure to post the certificates on the information desk of your office so that customers can pay attention to them.

Register in several directories of massage therapists

For example, masseur.ru and others that you can find in search engines. Fill out the profile in the catalogs of masseurs in as much detail as possible. The more information about you can be found on the Internet, the more likely that the client will turn to you. By the way, many directories offer help in promoting your massage therapist profile for little money – we advise you to try and decide if this is right for you.

Each masseur has his own business card!

Be sure to print business cards with your designs. You can also take ready-made unnamed options at the School of Massage Masters. It’s fast and inexpensive: 100 business cards will cost no more than 400 rubles. What are they needed for? Give them to your friends. It is especially useful to leave them in the places of work of your friends and acquaintances. For example, one of them has his own store or coffee shop, where you can put business cards at the information desk, and in return you leave your friend’s business cards in your office. Great free advertising! Offer your business cards for placement in fitness centers and other health establishments (those that do not have a full-time foreman to provide services in your area).

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