Tantric Massage Therapy

How Can A Car Help A Tantric Massage London?

Make yourself a sticker on the rear window, for example: “Massage. (phone number) Mikhail. ” Such a simple advertisement will interest potential patients.

How can a beginner Tantric massage London learn the massage business from the inside?

Get into a salon (even for little money) to develop practice and first client base. You will get to know clients personally. Many of them will want a masseur to take them at home because it is cheaper. This will give you your first customers. This method is also useful for those who plan to open their own salon: you will work for hire and see all the nuances of this type of activity, understand the system (administrators, accounting, foremen, business department, marketers, management), take into account mistakes and prevent them in the future.

How to accept the client correctly?

When working with a client, be sure to clarify the needs, take into account the typology, do not standardize patients and do not perform the same massage procedure for everyone. Focus on the individual characteristics of the client’s face and body and tell him about it – so he will understand your expertise and be able to assess your advantages in comparison with competitors. Be sure to consider the contraindications to Tantric massage London. Act according to what the patient wants to get the result. If the procedure is performed for the purpose of body shaping, be sure to take photos before and after the course, give them to the client. Then, when the form is lost, the client will look at them and come back to you again. Let’s give recommendations on maintaining the patient’s general health: what kind of exercises to do, what exercises, what medicinal herbs to drink, and the like. Show a sense of humor cheerfulness, self-confidence. Remember: it is better to please the client the first time than to massage him “to the point of pain”.

How can a massage therapist not forget about old clients?

Diaries are lost, phone numbers are erased, names are not remembered. Take control in the CRM system. Write down the dates of visits, the names of the procedures. Collect email addresses and send periodic newsletters with advice on health, sports, etc. so that customers will not forget about you. If a patient returns to you three years after the last course, and you “remember” that you did anti-cellulite massage procedures for him, he will be pleasantly surprised, because you did not forget about him, and the CRM system helped you with this.

Repeat sales

Repeat sales is the offering of massage services to existing clients. For example, a year ago he underwent a course of services for the back and SHVZ. Send him an SMS, write a message on social networks that you thank him for choosing your services and remind him: the back again requires a course of procedures! Tell us briefly about current promotions. Repeat sales Tantric massage London are an important tool that most massage therapists forget about. Attracting an existing patient is much easier than finding a new one!

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