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How To Give A Man A Tantric Massage London: A Step-by-step Video Tutorial From A Masseur

We asked Almira, a massage therapist of the fitness studio and beauty salon FIT & BEAUTY, to tell and show us how to properly massage. 


You don’t even have to start if a bright light is on in the room (hello, associations with a doctor’s office!), Frosty air is blowing out of the window, mixed with cigarette Tantric massage London smoke (hello, neighbor, we have always hated you!) the screams of an unfed cat. It is absolutely impossible to relax in such an environment, which means that you will waste your time and energy. Dim the lights, light the aroma lamp and make sure the room is warm enough. You can turn on quiet music.


Water will do some of the work for you: it will improve blood circulation and relax muscles. 


This is a must: dry massage with the hands of a non-professional is an occupation that is difficult for you and painful for him. The cream, most likely, will not work either – it absorbs too quickly. Choose oil without a pungent odor. If you don’t have massage oil on hand, baby massage is fine. 


Those parts of the body that you will massage later (or not at all) need to be covered. Cold heels do little to relax you you know. 





Well, you yourself know how, right?

By the way, you can sign up to Almira. And to the guy she is massaging – too! 


Massage therapy undoubtedly requires professional training. He needs to study for a long time, to study physiology well, so as not to cause harm by his actions. However, a relaxing massage can be learned to do without special courses. Just watch the video, which shows a relaxing massage in detail. Its basic principles can be mastered in a few days.

HOW TO DO A BACK MASSAGE Tantric massage London?

Back massage, the video of which you can see below, is the most common type. Naturally, all parts of the body need relaxation: tense legs, tired hands. However, it is the back that requires special attention – its tight muscles interfere with the normal functioning of the whole body. As you can see in the video, the relaxing massage is done sequentially. After all, the back consists of three parts – these are:

the collar zone, which stretches from the neck to the shoulder blades,

actual back

lumbar region – from the end of the ribs to the coccyx.

As a rule, you need to start with the lower lumbar part. To get the maximum effect from the procedure, its duration should be at least half an hour. Particular attention should be paid to the so-called problem areas, which are most tense.

At the end of the article in the video, relaxing massage is shown very correctly, and you can simply follow these tips. Among all movements, stroking should be the main one, because this light technique is able to deliver the greatest relaxing sensations. Stroking should be straight, your hand should be completely touching the surface of your back with ease, without pressure. The next movement is rubbing in a circular motion and the so-called sawing along and across the back with the edge of the palm. These movements are preparation. This is followed directly by the back massage technique. To do this, you need to conditionally divide the back into two parts. To make it easier to imagine how to perform the movements, you can draw an analogy between the back and the dough that needs to be kneaded. Thus, it is necessary to stretch the sides well, moving from the lower back upwards. The sacrum of the vertebral region must be squeezed out with the pads of the fingers and in such a movement move up. With your fingers, gently press between the ribs. Squeeze out along the entire back from the bottom up with palms as if in a spiral. Massage your spine lightly.

Now it is the turn to do collar back massage, the technique of which is aimed at relieving tension in the cervical spine. First, there is rubbing, sawing, squeezing with the pads of the fingers, and then with the palms, both on one side and on the other. At the end, you also need to calmly stroke the entire massaged surface.


If you do not know how to massage a man, use the above techniques. Start with light movements, gradually increasing them – kneading should never go before stroking. In addition to them, you can focus on others. Pay more attention to the lower back, press on it with your fingertips. Also, the answer to the question of how to relax a man can be found in such a technique as rolling. It is performed on the sides – one hand strokes the side and then immediately the other, thus, the hands work continuously, replacing each other. A massage for a man consists not only in working out the back, but also in the arms, buttocks and legs. Everything is performed sequentially – if these are hands, then you need to move from the shoulders to the palms, and if the legs – then from the inner thigh up to the heels. You can turn the man on his back and massage the thoracic region with the same movements as the back. All clicks should be smooth, not sharp, and then the man will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Such a procedure is not only a method of treatment, but also an excellent relaxation option.

What is the right way to massage a man? It all depends on what goal you pursue during your manipulations. Today, there are many varieties from medicinal to erotic, and today we will comprehend the basics of most of them. You will be amazed at how powerful our advice can be and how to put it into practice. Your man is guaranteed to answer you with gratitude!


Unfortunately, adultery is not uncommon, and, unfortunately, it happens all the time. But not always the reason for this is masculine nature or a woman’s unwillingness to take care of herself properly, so that her second half always likes it. It happens that you look at a woman: she looks perfect, well-read and smart, well-mannered and sweet, but stories of her husband’s betrayal are thundering around the neighborhood with frightening regularity. What is the reason?

It should not be said that men are by nature males, and sometimes they are attracted only by base reflexes, such as food and sex. But they all value not their quantity, but rather the quality component. Agree, homemade food tastes better to them than that prepared in a restaurant, and intimacy is good only when it is impossible to get enough of it.

Individuals of the strong half of humanity, perhaps more than women, love affection and touch. This means that massage will be the best reward for any of them. The procedure can serve as both a relaxing procedure and a prelude to sex. By performing such manipulations, you demonstrate to your beloved your loyalty and willingness to do something pleasant at any time.

In the Ancient East, massage was used to achieve a peaceful and calm state of mind and body. During the sessions, the muscles relaxed, each cell was filled with energy. If it is performed by gentle female hands, a man is able to remember the positive emotions received for the rest of his life, becoming for his savior his whole life: a lover, a reliable friend, companion and faithful family man.

Today, you will not surprise anyone with the presence of a massage parlor in a beauty salon or spa center. But not every representative of the strong half of humanity visits such establishments. But why not recreate the relaxing atmosphere in your own apartment? To do this, it is enough to prepare aromatic oil, turn on good music and ventilate the room. Well, let’s get started?

So, we suggest you consider the following varieties:

Erotic massage – will help make your sex life bright and varied.

Revitalizing – it relieves stress that can accumulate in the body for a long time.

Athletic – It is usually used to relax muscles after tiring workouts.


It should be noted right away that the matter should be approached with full responsibility. Try to treat the next session as a means to achieve a certain goal. And it should be the only true one – to please your other half. And half of the success lies in ensuring that both participants in the process have a positive attitude.

It is not difficult to guess that each of the above types of massage is based on a simple set of hand manipulations – stroking, rubbing, vibration and kneading. Let’s consider each option separately.

Ironing is done with open palms, which move in different directions from the center to the periphery. Touches can be chaotic and repetitive, zigzag and circular. If your husband is overweight, you can clench your hands into fists to influence the areas to be treated.

Pressing or kneading allows you to work out every centimeter of the working area, all muscles and ligaments. If you do the manipulations correctly, the skin will become soft and warm after the session. To achieve this effect, imagine that you need to knead the dough so that no lumps remain in its structure.

Pat and vibration. It is worth completing the procedure with these movements. They will help speed up the process of blood circulation, and hence the regeneration of the skin, make metabolic processes faster.

Advice! Here are some more tips for novice masseuses: on the back, you can find or make a leather roller with your hands, which you can roll upwards or pinch it with two fingers. And for kneading arms or legs, it is better to use rotational manipulations.

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