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What Is Arousal Technique For Tantric Massage London?

Erotic massage has a large number of functions, the main one of which, perhaps, is to increase sensitivity. Foreplay is an important stage, which should not be neglected, because its absence can ultimately adversely affect family relationships.

An arousal procedure runs the risk of becoming common relaxing manipulations if a woman does not know where a man’s erogenous zones are. You may not have guessed, but to create the necessary conditions, it is not necessary to caress the genitals of the other half. Sometimes they get just as much pleasure from rubbing their ears, feet, back, or buttocks. If you have lived with your husband for a single year, you probably already know the little secrets that often help you out.

Advice! During the whole action, try to demonstrate to the man the full depth of your desires. He should feel how much you are attracted to him. All of your movements, as well as their intensity and passion, can speak of this.


Often, representatives of the strong half of humanity complain of pain in the back and neck. The reasons for this may be different, but it is in your power to save your spouse or partner from such discomfort. All you need is a flat hard surface and the necessary knowledge that you can gain in this section.

So, do all the manipulations in the direction from the spine to the hips. To begin with, intensely smooth the lumbar region, as if preparing it for something stronger. Rub from top to bottom, and then thoroughly knead each point and muscle, focusing on the pain.

You can make the so-called “herringbone”. To do this, place your index fingers about an inch from your spine. Slide them as if you were on a rink and act on each element of the bone chain.

The “raindrops” technique helps very well. It involves a slight vibration with the fingers, as if water is falling on the back.

If you want to relieve your husband of neck pain, the movements should start at the head and smoothly down to the shoulders. With your arms around your neck, do active rubbing, tapping and kneading, as if you were sculpting something out of dough or kneading it. Whichever technique you choose, remember that for best results, it is recommended to repeat each manipulation at least three to four times.

Advice! A technique as simple as hitting the piano keys is very good at relieving tension and stress built up over a long day at work. With its help, you can act on important points and nerve endings.


For a long time, massage has been considered a health-improving procedure, which means that, like any other medical technique, it has a number of contraindications. But first, let’s talk about in which cases it is advisable to use it. So, these are the following diseases:

  • Myositis, bursitis;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Neuralgia.

Now let’s get back to our question. Massage is strictly prohibited if there is a tendency to bleeding in the body, an increase in blood pressure of 2-3 degrees, as well as in the presence of any types of tumors, even if we are talking about benign ones.

Advice! Massage sometimes works wonders. Especially if the man develops prostate disease. In most cases, they end with surgery, but there is a chance to avoid these problems. Be sure to visit a urologist with your other half. You should find out from him what manipulations should be performed, and in what sequence. The duration of the procedure is about 4-5 minutes, but the effect of such procedures will be overwhelming! Similar materials

Here you look at a woman, both clever and beautiful, and the husband is looking to the left. What is he missing?

By nature, men are males, people of another planet, for them the main thing is food and sex, but not naked, rude, but one that causes a constant thirst for intimacy.

People of the opposite sex want attention, gentle touch, not only during sex, but constantly. Try to change your behavior, start massaging a man, and get a hundredfold love and devotion.


In the ancient East, massage for a man originated as a procedure that brings relaxation and tranquility. The gentle touch of gentle hands gave peace, relieved tension from muscles, filled with energy.

Skillful manipulations of female hands give pleasure. A massage for a man, done with love, will help him experience unforgettable sensations not only for a short time, but also make him a wonderful lover, a faithful friend and caring owner for many years.

The time limit, natural laziness prevents a man from using the services of a massage parlor. In this case, the beloved woman comes to the rescue, because massage for a man at home does not require special preparation. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the main types of massage, learn how to perform elementary techniques, prepare oil with your favorite scent for a man, ventilate the room and that’s it, the process has started, you can start.

The main types of massage , the simplest techniques of which every woman should learn, are:

Erotic – will make your sex unforgettable;

Revitalizing – relieves stress after a hard day;

Athletic – Helps relax muscles after exercise.

The main thing is to set a goal for yourself – to please the man.

For this, first of all, you need a positive attitude of both partners.

Massage for a man at home does not require special knowledge and skills, for this it is enough to master the simplest principles of each technique.

Each of the listed massages is based on classical massage techniques: ironing, rubbing, kneading and vibration.

– Ironing is done with open warm palms, which move, as in all techniques, from the center to the periphery. We gently smooth the skin, as if dispersing the energy to the sides, making circular movements, zigzag. On an obese, full, knocked down body of a sports type, ironing can be done with fists or phalanges of fingers folded into a fist.

“Many men take great pleasure in rubbing . This technique is performed at a fast pace, you can do rubbing, circular movements with your palm or fists. Then we put our palms on the edge and intensively rub the skin, moving them with one palm relative to the other up and down. After rubbing, the skin of the body becomes uniformly pink.

– Pressing or kneading speaks for itself, with the help of this technique we do a deep study of each muscle. After rubbing, the skin becomes soft and warm, so we put our folded palms on it with a boat and make movements, as when kneading dough, raking from the edges into the middle.

On the back, roll the skin roll from the bottom up or pinch it, squeezing it between the index and thumb.

If we knead an arm or a leg, then it is enough to grab the limb with both hands and make intense rotational movements .

We finish each massage for a man with a pat or vibration . On the worked surface, you can pat with open palms or pound with fists. Finally, we finish the whole process with gentle stroking.


Erotic massage for a man helps to increase sensitivity, is a gentle prelude to sex, which is the basis of strong family relationships.

Erotic massage differs little in techniques from the classical one, although in this case stroking and kneading will be the main ones. If in classical massage it is enough to know the location of the main muscles, then eros-style manipulations require knowledge of the main erogenous zones of a man. Perhaps this will surprise you, but not only manipulations with the genitals, but with the buttocks, back and even ears, excite a man. A loving woman must know the main erogenous zones of her beloved.

Erotic massage for a man in salons does not end with sex, which cannot be said about massage at home. Make a man a slave to your hands, and you will feel like a queen anytime, anywhere.


There is a misconception that only the genitals are the erogenous organs of men. Each male organism is individual to the perception of touch. For some men, the erogenous zone is the point between the shoulder blades, for others – the coccyx, and for the third, stroking the thighs and upper legs brings special pleasure.

Almost all men are delighted with ear massage.

Before a massage session, you should think over every detail:

Find out what kind of music your man likes;

How does he react to smells, candles;

Create an intimate twilight in the room;

Ensure the absence of strangers throughout the apartment.

If your goal is rough sex after a massage for a man, then conduct a session in a semi-nude form.

Every man loves touching the thighs and buttocks , and this is where we begin an erotic massage.

– We begin the massage for a man by stroking the legs, from the tips of the fingers, slowly rising to the groin area.

Lying on his stomach, a man should feel calm.

– With warm hands, barely smeared with aroma oil, we begin to stroke the buttocks from the spine to the thighs , making large circular movements, pulling our hands down the thighs and returning to the lower back. Gradually reduce the radius of the circles. We stroke with our hands, fists, as if inadvertently touching a man with our bare thigh or chest.

When rubbing, try to convey your desires through the intensity of the movement.

Moving on to kneading, remember that during an erotic massage a man should not experience pain, therefore, knead gently, deeply working out the muscles of the buttocks. Pat the entire back and give a soft, playful pat on the butt of your loved one.

– We turn the man on his back and massage the abdomen . We carry out all the techniques clockwise, from the navel to the hips, dropping lower and lower, but without touching the genitals. Keep intrigue constantly.

The belly of many men is covered with hair, so we do all the techniques with rake-like fingers. Vibration of the abdomen is best done with a finger “shower” , quickly and gently tapping on the skin, as if quickly playing the piano.

– Having worked on the stomach, if your massage has not yet been interrupted by violent sex, we proceed to massage the breast .

You can allow yourself to sit on your beloved’s lap and begin massaging his breasts, bending down low and lightly touching his skin with your bare breasts. For a thrill, you can use a piece of ice. We work out all the techniques according to the scheme.

– Massage the ears with the index and thumb. At a slow pace, rub and knead the auricles, starting with the lobe and ending with the tips of the ears. Slowly iron in the middle, alternating ironing and pressure, the intensity of the effect. We finish the massage of the ears, stroking it with open palms, in a circular motion from top to bottom.

Let all your fantasies come true!


A tired man will not be sensitive to erotic play if his back or neck hurts.

To relieve back pain, a man should lie on his stomach. For this, a hard sofa or a rug laid on the floor is suitable.

We perform all techniques from the spine to the hips. After ironing and rubbing from bottom to top, according to the scheme described above, we knead, carefully kneading each point, especially fix the effect on the painful area.

Be sure to massage the back with a herringbone, for this we put the index fingers at a distance of 1 cm from the spine and slide them up, like on skates, from bottom to top, with one hand, then with the other, acting on each vertebra.

In case of back pain, we make vibration easily, we tap with one fingers, imitating drops of rain.

With pain in the neck, we do all the movements from the head to the shoulders. After stroking, grasp the neck with both hands and rub intensively, moving your hands back and forth.

Kneading is done with the index and thumb, grabbing the muscles along the neck, then stroking and making a herringbone.

We go through each technique 3 – 4 times, finish the neck massage with a light tap, imitating playing the piano.


After the gym, our men very often need a relaxing massage, especially if they have spasms of the muscles of the arms or legs.

Not every woman knows how to massage a man at home, but every loving friend is ready to help.

Hand and electric massagers are designed for mass use, they are available to everyone.

The easiest to use are plastic “crabs” of various configurations.

We do sports hand massage with the help of a “crab” from the bottom up along the lymph, from the hand to the elbow, further to the axillary region. Having previously done ironing, rubbing and kneading, we use the massager in circular and zigzag movements. Intense exposure will help to disperse lactic acid, which causes cramping and pain after exercise.

The plastic massager can replace wood, rubber or electric.

Electric massagers are produced in various types, with red radiation and vibration, in various configurations and prices available to everyone.

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