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Why Should A Tantric Massage London Follow A Healthy Lifestyle?

Massage is physical labor. The master spends the whole day on his feet, often works part-time or serves clients on their territory. A work day can start at 6:30 or end at 23:00. The life of a master is a continuous, energy-consuming movement. He intensively spends not only kilocalories, but also mental, emotional, vital energy. Therefore, he must replenish energy costs daily:

  • do not skip meals;
  • select the optimal menu based on the usual (not exotic for the master himself), but a variety of products;
  • include in the diet meat, fruits, herbs, dairy products, nuts, honey (in the absence of allergies);
  • avoid hard and questionable diets;
  • tempered;
  • do gymnastics or physical education, choosing the most comfortable direction for yourself;
  • at least 1 day a week to have a full rest, if possible, go to nature or to the park;
  • visit the spa, baths, go for a massage yourself;
  • get enough sleep;
  • between massage sessions, lasting more than 1.5 hours, try to leave for yourself 15 minutes of time to rest with a cup of tea;
  • be sure to study and observe the correct ergonomics when performing massage (unfortunately, not all massage schools pay due attention to ergonomics; if you were not taught to move correctly, take an additional course before your joints declare themselves);
  • master meditation; they help to quickly recuperate;

learn not to let in the negative energy that all sick and suffering people involuntarily radiate;

study the basics of the psychology of communication; this will help maintain your own psycho-emotional harmony and find an approach to the most scandalous clients.

If the masseur does not take good care of his health, after Tantric massage London a busy day at work he feels like a squeezed lemon. After a working week, he lays in a “layer” all day. After the weekend, he goes to work tired, with unpleasant and or painful sensations in the body. And in a few years his health will be undermined to such an extent that he will not be able to work as before or will be forced to leave the profession.

Why does a masseur need a personal brand?   

Sometimes a person, having voiced his intention to become a masseur, receives a caustic answer: “The masseurs have gotten divorced here …”, and … gives up. Is it worth it to be discouraged by the fact that the masseurs are “divorced”? Not at all.

Yes, the market for massage services is vast, but the demand for services is constantly growing. Besides, “masseur” is a very generalized name for the profession. There are masseurs of medical, classical, sports, Thai, Ayurvedic and other massages. And each has its own “handwriting”, style, features. Some create original methods, others supplement massage with a variety of procedures, while others develop whole individual complex programs. And do not forget about the character, psychological compatibility with the client, etc. This means that everyone can attract as many “ideal clients” (those who like the procedures performed by a particular master and who will not create problems) as they need. Personal brand will help with this.

A personal brand is created on the basis of a person’s unique personal and professional qualities. A style is formed, a recognizable image that is easily remembered by people. You can contact a specialist or create a Personal Brand yourself. Pages in social networks, a website, advertising, photos for the media, etc. are designed in the same style.

To do this, you need to think over and write down personal qualities, education, merits, “zest”, choose a direction and move in it. Of course, a masseur can complete 50 courses in 30 massage techniques, but he must have a crown niche, for example, massages for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Such a narrowing on the one hand, will lead to it a specific target audience: in this case, people with problems in the joints, ligaments, muscles, spine. On the other hand, it will create a reputation as a real specialist who deeply knows his Tantric massage London specialization and solves the problems of a certain circle of clients. Moreover, in addition to the direction of massages, the brand should include “chips” that distinguish it from colleagues.

To summarize, personal brand:

  • determines the target audience of the masseur;
  • distinguishes him from colleagues;
  • creates a solid rating;
  • attracts more clients than a corporate brand, because massage is a very intimate procedure and clients go not to a salon, but to a master who is good and comfortable for them
  • provides protection from colleagues who want to exalt themselves by ruining the reputation of a given master.

What is the work with clients before and after the massage       

Massage treatments are not always pleasant. People are not ready to pay money for something, the meaning and benefit of which they do not understand, especially if they do not get pleasure from it. Working with clients before the massage is as follows.

The first meeting. To meet a potential client correctly, to evoke the most positive emotions in him. There is no need to appeal to logic, if you like it, with a probability of 75% they will want to continue the conversation with you.

Self-presentation. You should literally in 60-90 seconds tell about yourself, your services, experience and education, and do it not in an aggressive manner, leaving a small gap that encourages the client to ask questions about your services (but not about their cost) and mention their problems. At this point, you should transfer the potential client to a free personal consultation .

Free consultation. Left alone with the client, conduct a conversation, take a history, explain what your proposal is (a comprehensive weight loss program, a course of anti-cellulite massage with additional procedures, a relaxing massage, etc.). Tell us what results you can expect and when they will be visible.

For example, the course is 15 procedures. At the end it is expected … After 3-5 sessions you will see … After 8-10 sessions there will be … effect. To obtain a prolonged effect, you need to do ….

State the real benefits, taking into account the age and characteristics of the client (minus 5 years without injections and scalpel, 50% reduction in the number of new rashes).

Explain how you are going to achieve the promised results.

If you use cosmetics, explain why you are using this particular manufacturer. What are their advantages:

absence of dangerous ingredients (name which);

high concentration (how many%) of active substances (name which ones);

how they work, etc.

You should be ready to answer the client’s questions like: “And what is that kind of money for? I have been using it all my life … for 100 rubles, and I don’t complain. ” “Why do I need this? I’m happy with my makeup. “

Focus on benefits.

For example, a massage course is cheaper … procedures for 5000 rubles, and no risks associated with …, no rehabilitation periods, restrictions, etc. The effect of the massage will last for 3 months longer than from … the procedure.

For one course of Massage + complex of cosmetics for home care, the number of new rashes will be reduced by 70%. The pores will narrow 3 times, the acne scars will be 2 times less noticeable, the secretion of sebum will come to a state close to normal.

You can offer a free trial massage

After the client has learned everything he needs, wants to buy this service, and is ready to pay for it, announce the price. Do it exactly at the moment when, in his mind, the benefits outweighed the costs.

Explanations just before the procedure. The relationship with the client is established when the massage therapist explains his actions, but during the session, many clients prefer to relax in silence or to relaxing music. Therefore, before starting the massage, explain what and why you are going to do it.

After the session. Even if a client comes to you for a one-time session, invite him to come again. Give him a pre-prepared brochure with useful tips and tricks (not aggressive advertising). The brochure at the end must contain your data (phone, website, QR code, etc.). You can very briefly state information about you (professional and relevant education – for example, a general practitioner), experience, massage directions, professional awards. Be sure to explain what this brochure is for, answer all the client’s questions.

Reporting and business matters 

Most masseurs, having gained regular clients and a reputation, open their own business. Even before registering as a legal entity, the massage therapist should decide how he is going to submit tax reports, deal with household affairs and administrative work.

If he will rent 1 office in the salon and work without hired personnel, he can cope with reporting, recording clients and economic issues on his own. Tax payments are made via the Internet. Receipts are generated independently or using special software installed on a computer. You can shift this responsibility to an accounting firm, which itself will pay taxes and generate reports for a small fee.

When opening a salon with hired personnel, it is necessary to delegate authority. How exactly depends on the knowledge and plans of the masseur himself. If he is going to own a salon and work with clients full time, he will need a competent administrator, contracts with accounting and legal offices (to control the relevant aspects of the business and perform work in this direction).

If he plans to take over the financial and economic part, at the initial stage, only craftsmen can be hired.

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